License to Carry a Handgun (LTC) Application Process

The following steps are the best way to complete your License to Carry a Handgun (LTC) application.  You do not have to complete these steps in the order shown.  However, completing your application before taking the class allows us to ensure that you have all the required documents to send to DPS.

  • Schedule your LTC training with Personal Perimeter.

  • Complete the online LTC application.

    The online LTC application is the fastest way to get your license. All information is immediately delivered to DPS, eliminating the effort and risks of mailing the application. Applying online also saves you the cost and effort of getting printed affidavits notarized.  You also pay the license fee to the state when you complete the application:


    Original Renewal


    $140 $70

    Anyone at least 60 years old;
    Anyone who meets the federal poverty guidelines

    $70 $35

    Veteran honorably discharged more than one year ago;
    Honorably retired peace officer;
    Active peace officer;
    Retired judicial officer;
    Active judicial officer

    $25 $25

    Current military;
    Veteran honorably discharged in the last year;
    Felony prosecuting attorney

    Free Free


    At the end of the application process, you will be provided a checklist of required supporting documents

  • Schedule an appointment for fingerprinting through MorphoTrust.

    Must be completed after your application is submitted.

    MorphoTrust is the only organization authorized by the State to provide fingerprints for LTC applicants. Your fingerprints will be electronically submitted to DPS, so there is no risk of smudging or other mail-related damage or loss.  The cost for fingerprinting is $9.95.

  • Review Texas Handgun Laws.

    This pamphlet contains a wealth of applicable Texas law. Reviewing it before your training will be very helpful.

  • Attend your LTC training with Personal Perimeter.

    The LTC training can be completed as early as 2 years before submitting your application.

    Be ready to learn and shoot.

  • Mail supporting documents to DPS.

    This is the last step.

    • CHL-100, provided by Personal Perimeter
    • passport photos (non-residents only), provided by Personal Perimeter
    • photo holder (non-residents only)
    • any other documents indicated on the checklist you received when you submitted your application.