Handgun Training

Our handgun training is designed to help new or inexperienced handgun users develop the basic skills necessary to become effective, responsible shooters. Training is conducted by a professional instructor in a safe classroom and range environment.

Basic Handgun Course - Three hours

Cost: $120

One-on-one private instruction, scheduled by appointment. This course is designed to educate the student on the basics of handgun ownership and use. Classroom instruction provides an understanding of handgun safety, operation, and maintenance. Range instruction provides the hands-on skills required to shoot safely and effectively engage a target. Topics include:

  • Firearm safety
  • Handgun components and operation
  • Ammunition
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Range safety
  • Loading, reloading, and clearing
  • Shooting fundamentals
  • Handling malfunctions

The student provides a handgun and 50 rounds of ammunition. Alternatively, we can provide a handgun and ammunition for an additional $25. For multiple gun options, contact us for pricing.

License to Carry a Handgun Training

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